A pedicure is a relaxing foot procedure done at a salon or spa by a professional. (They can also be done at home to a certain extent.) The term comes from the Latin words “pedi” for foot and “cure” meaning care. Makes sense, right?

Pedicures can help promote good general foot health by preventing a number of nail disorders and diseases when done regularly. Here are a few great benefits:

-Cleaning, cutting, and clipping all prevent your nails from growing inward, which could cause infections.

-Getting rid of dead skin cells stops them from accumulating and forming painful bunions or corns. Removing those dead cells also allows new cells to grow and give your feet a smoother and healthier feel.

-The benefits of the foot massage portion are endless. Not only is it relaxing, but it also because it helps improve circulation, increase foot agility, and reduce the pain resulting from walking around on your feet all day.

So the next time you’ve had a long day and just want to relax, get a pedicure and remember that you’re doing your feet a favor. They’ll thank you.

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