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Arthritis Specialist

Foot Healers

Podiatrists located in Brentwood, Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, St. Peters, & Webster, MO

About 63 million American adults have arthritis today — and in many cases, the disease causes serious damage within the foot and ankle joints. At Foot Healers, the skilled podiatric care specialists are arthritis experts who can diagnose and treat your arthritis to restore your comfort and mobility. There are five convenient offices in Brentwood, Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, St. Peters, and Shrewsbury, Missouri, so reach out by phone or online scheduling to visit the one nearest you.

Arthritis Q & A

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a group of 100-plus different diseases that cause joint inflammation and damage. Arthritis can occur anywhere, but it’s often particularly damaging to the 66 joints in your feet. 

Because your feet must bear your body’s weight, and they're constantly in motion, foot damage from arthritis can be even more punishing than in other parts of your body.  

What are the different types of foot and ankle arthritis?

Three main forms of arthritis occur in the feet and ankles. 


Osteoarthritis, the most common form, is also known as degenerative joint disease because it causes increased damage as you age. This type of arthritis causes cartilage erosion within your joints. Over time, that can lead to bones painfully grinding together.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when your immune system attacks your body. It damages the joint lining, leading to pronounced painful swelling. Rheumatoid arthritis often affects both feet equally. Over time, this form of arthritis can cause severe joint deformity. 


Gout is a form of arthritis that happens when you have excessive uric acid in your joints. In most cases, gout occurs in one big toe. It’s an extremely painful form of the disease. 

The Foot Healers team understands how harmful arthritis can be for your feet, and they’re here to help with the pain, stiffness, swelling, and other symptoms. 

What causes arthritis?

Experts believe that a combination of genetics and other factors may cause arthritis. If you have any of the genes that predispose you to arthritis, a number of different things like infections, traumatic injury, and drug use can potentially cause symptoms.

When should I see the foot doctor for arthritis?

If you have any of the following symptoms, see your Foot Healers podiatrist promptly.

  • Joint pain
  • Joint swelling
  • Red skin around a joint
  • Warmth around a joint
  • Joint stiffness 
  • Poor range-of-motion
  • New skin rashes or growths

With arthritis, the earlier you seek help, the more effective the treatment will be. Early diagnosis and treatment may also help you avoid major surgery, like ankle joint replacement, in the future.

How do you treat arthritis?

The Foot Healers team helps you control inflammation, prevent progression, restore lost joint function, and where possible, achieve remission. 

Your Foot Healers providers may recommend:

  • Physical therapy
  • Regular exercise
  • Medication
  • Custom orthotics or ankle-foot orthosis
  • Prescription footwear
  • Diet changes

You may also need treatment for foot deformities caused by arthritis, such as bunions. 

Call Foot Healers or click online booking for arthritis help now.