Podiatrist vs. Untrained Vendors

Not all foot treatment options are the same. At Foot Healers, we staff our stores with DPMs — Doctors of Podiatric Medicine. We meet a lot of patients who come to us after going to another store for foot treatment — the grocery store for Dr. Scholl’s or other stores with clerks who have no medical training.

Your foot is a complex piece of machinery. It has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles and tendons! That’s why we employ medical doctors to treat them.

When you visit Foot Healers, you will work with a DPM who has completed a four-year curriculum at an accredited podiatric medical school, graduating with the degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

Although identical in length to programs at medical schools for osteopathic doctors (DOs) and medical doctors (MDs), the podiatric medical school curriculum also provides intensive focus on conditions of the foot and ankle.

After graduation from podiatric medical school, the DPM enters a postgraduate residency in podiatric medicine approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education. These residencies usually last two to three years.

Our certified doctors offer treatment backed by years of experience. A store clerk doesn’t have the same specialized education. When you buy over-the-counter products, “Dr. Scholl” won’t be examining your feet to recommend the best solution.

At Foot Healers we staff our stores with real Doctors of Podiatric Medicine because they provide the most reliable and personalized treatment to our patients.

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