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Ingrown Toenails

A red, sore toenail is a clear indicator of an ingrown toenail. Pressure can worsen the pain. It may bleed, skin might grow over the toenail, pus-filled blisters may form, and it can become infected.

If you believe you have an ingrown toenail that’s infected, seek immediate treatment before it worsens. This is a common procedure provided by the doctors at Foot Healers.

Ingrown toenails are normally the result of how the toenail has been trimmed or from certain footwear. They can also be a result of genetics and while treatable, for some they are prone to return periodically.

Cutting a toenail too long, too short, or in a rounded fashion can contribute to a toenail becoming ingrown. Likewise, tight or narrow shoes along with certain activities may contribute to an ingrown toenail as well. 

Soaking your toe in warm bath with Epsom salt can provide relief and, in some cases, can heal an ingrown toenail. Doing this a few times a day may ease the discomfort, draw pus out from the area surrounding the toenail, and may loosen the skin so it can be pulled away from the ingrown toenail.

If infection and discomfort continue, seek immediate assistance from a podiatrist. Hoping an ingrown toenail will go way is a bad strategy. Delaying treatment may result in worsening of infection and lead to complications that could be avoided with earlier treatment.

Our doctors at Foot Healers regularly treat ingrown toenails. It is a common sentiment among them that this one of their favorite conditions to treat as the result is immediate relief for the patient.

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