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Custom Orthotics

Not everyone is born with perfect feet. Even if they start out that way, as your life changes, so do your feet. Certain shoe styles, medical conditions like diabetes, and certainly those healthy activities you participate in to benefit your overall health can contribute to changing foot conditions. 

If you have issues with your feet already, or want to avoid having them in the future, custom orthotics can be a great solution.

Orthotics are a great way to reduce pain from pressure points and instead provide full, even foot support. This may lead to relieving lower extremity pain (ankle, knee, lower back). While we can all benefit from this, the most active athletes certainly appreciate what an orthotic can do. 

A Custom Orthotic is not to be confused with a generic, "over-the-counter" product you might find at your pharmacy---even when they have the fancy testing machine to best match their shoe insert for you.

Custom Orthotics are made for YOUR foot. While it may cost more initially it is important to keep a number of points in mind:

In the end, a Custom Orthotic made by a podiatrist is most likely to get you fixed the first time and as a result save you money over the long haul as we get what we pay for.

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